The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has awarded a tender to IL & FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited (IEISL) for carrying out the collection, segregation, transportation and disposal of solid waste comprising of MSW; drain silt; street sweeping waste and Green waste in its area.

The SDMC jurisdiction area is divided into four Zones, namely: South Zone, Central Zone, West Zone and Najafgarh Zone. IEISL has bagged the bid for central Zone. The zone covers approximately 100 km2 area and divided into 30 wards.

The estimated population of central zone is 16.74 Lakhs and the estimated MSW generation is 775 TPD. In addition, 35TPD of street sweeping  waste,15TPD Hotel and Restaurant Waste,  80 TPD drain de-silting waste is also generated.

Dakshin Dilli Swachh Initiatives Limited (DDSIL)

It is a public limited company which was formed in November 2015 as a subsidiary company of IL & FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited (IEISL) with an objective of handling collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. DDSIL deals with scientific handling, collection, sorting and transportation of the waste generated in households, market places, commercial establishments, etc.  We intend to raise awareness about the importance of segregation at source.

Dakshin Dilli Swachh Initiaives Limited (DDSIL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created as a concessionaire of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to undertake collection and transportation of municipal solid waste, street seeping waste, drain silt, green waste and construction and demolition waste in central zone of SDMC, New Delhi, India on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis.

SDMC has also commissioned DDSIL to, as part of its services; provide facilities to “all commercial establishments, agricultural mandis, shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Institutes etc. and handle all the bio degradable and non bio degradable waste from all generators in the concession area on user charge basis”.

The mission is to provide scientifically designed world class services in collection, segregation, transportation and trading of Municipal Solid Waste using appropriate technology to the whole spectrum of waste generators including residential colonies, commercial establishments, market places, etc.

IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Limited (the IEISL)

IEISL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS), has established several benchmarks in the Environment sector and has emerged as a leader in the Waste Management sector, promoting environmentally sustainable solutions. IEISL is mandated to manage about 12,000 tonnes of waste every day and is amongst the first to mainstream Carbon financing in waste management.

Further, the company has established its credentials in Environmental Planning and Management, Regulatory Compliance Assessment, Waste Management, Environmental and Social Risks Assessment, Clean Development Mechanism, Energy Efficiency and Enterprise Geo-Spatial Solutions.

IEISL successfully created a niche in the Waste Sector by innovating a viable waste processing business model including - offtaking of compost by fertilizer companies, initiating the retail marketing of eco-friendly compost 'EcoSmart'. During Common Wealth Games, approximately 2, 00,000 tons of Construction and Demolition waste has been lifted from the streets of entire Delhi for processing at its facility at Burari, Delhi.